(Colored Vote Polls)

Create polls with as many questions with choices of answers has you like. Each answer can have a color associated to it. Make answers mandatory or not. Add polls to post and pages with shortcode. Easy to setup and use.

= Features =

* View screenshots. An image is worth a 1000 words!
* Polls have a title and a description
* Each poll has N number of questions
* Each poll has N number of possible answers
* Each answer is associated with a color
* Display the results in original order of answers, most voted or most positive/negative
* Make any question mandatory or not to answer
* Control votes by either IP/cookie/user
* Simple and easy to use
* Non intrusive styles. With CSS knowledge, you can easily restyle to your liking

[Features and Demo](http://www.webfanzine.com/colored-vote-polls/ “Colored Vote Polls Demo and Documentation details”)

= Credits =
[Designed by La Farique de Blogs](http://www.lafabriquedeblogs.com/) | [Developed by Internet Techies](http://www.clickonf5.org/)

= Languages =

* English
* French

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