(CBX Woo Coupon Referral Affiliate)

CBX Woocommerce Coupon Referral Affiliate(WCRA) is interesting plugin for wordpress that takes the coupon marketing business in woocommerce platform to next level.
The generic affiliation plugin gives percentage from sales to affiliates as per referral but this plugin works in different way. Seems interesting ?

In Short: shop owner creates coupon, customer uses that, gets discount and they becomes happy. Our plugin add extra features on top of this feature. Any affiliate user can
be added to any coupon, shop owner can set target sales using this coupon, affiliate percentage etc. So the affiliate person spread his coupon code from where customer gets discount
as usual and same time affiliate user gets discount. This type of coupon code can be called hidden codes and the affiliate user can be called Sales Representative.

Shop owner can track how much sales are coming via any Sales Representative from dashboard overview page and same time Sales Representative can see their performance from frontend using shortcode powered page.

= General Features =

1. Choose which user role can be assigned for affiliate
2. Bind One user with one coupon
3. Frontend Shortcode page for affiliate user assigned by coupon

= Admin Dashboard Overview =

1. User referral statistics by month
2. User referral statistics by year
3. User referral statistics by user(affiliate)
4. Yearly analysis of overall orders referred by all coupons(Graph)
5. Yearly analysis of overall orders referred by all coupons(Database)
6. Admin can check statistic for any specific coupon which is actually performance of a user.

= User Dashboard Overview =

1. Frontend shortcode powered page for affiliate user
2. Monthly analysis of orders referred by coupon(Graph) based on shortcode param
3. Monthly analysis of orders referred by coupon(Database) based on shortcode param
2. Yearly analysis of orders referred by coupon(Graph) based on shortcode param
3. Yearly analysis of orders referred by coupon(Database) based on shortcode param

See more details and usages guide here http://codeboxr.com/product/cbx-woo-coupon-referral-affiliate/

= Shortcode =
1. Frontend shortcode to show user stat and performance
Shortcode: [cbxwoocouponreferral]

params : type= ‘permonth’ or ‘peryear’. or ‘permonth,peryear’
Default is permonth.

2. Frontend shortcode to show top affiliate user

Shortcode: [wcratop]
count default 10, any digit
type default ‘month’ or ‘year’

if type = month , means for current whole month,
if type = year, means for current whole year

order default ‘DESC’, or ‘ASC’

order_by default ‘total_earning’, other possible ‘total_amount’, ‘total_referred’

total_referred = how many order referred
total_earning = how much affiliate user earned
total_amount = sales volume referred by affiliate user

= Pro Features =

Besides this free version we have two pro addon that adds more premium features. This free or core version will always be free, we promise.

Pro Plugins:

1. WCRA Email Alert & Export Addon http://codeboxr.com/product/wcra-email-alert-export-addon
2. WCRA Payment Addon(Paypal Masspay and Bank Payment) http://codeboxr.com/product/wcra-payment-addon
3. Request us for customization and support http://codeboxr.com/contact-us/

= 2.3 to 2.5.x upgrade notice =
>> 2.3 was our first public release and we heard lots of bugs and we decided to revamp the plugin. So we dropped the previous database structure and followed totally different path. So before you upgrade to 2.5 please take backup, finalize any transaction with any affiliator. Drop the old version, install the new. Now remove all affiliator, add them again. Think, it’s a new journey for this plugin, for any up coming change we will keep the automatic migration but this current jump from 2.3 to 2.5 we didn’t have such option for auto migration of data. If you mistakenly upgraded to 2.5 but you want the data of 2.3, then just delete the plugin and install the 2.3 again. On install of 2.5 we don’t delete any database tables. We want to hear from you about any bug or new feature request.

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