### Rich wordpress tabs plugin

Wordpress tabs plugin is a widget and shortcode plugin that can be configured by custom posts and custom categories or tags. It is used to enhance the home and sub-pages functionalities and displays tabbed content list and grid view of posts inside the wordpress tabs.

It has advanced shortcode creation functionality that creates shortcode with all the required settings options for content block and widget and loads posts according to selected category tabs. This plugin allows to run unlimited tabs shortcodes and widget to view in the same or any sidebar or content page.

= Buy the Premium Version =

* Buy or view demo of tabs plugin
* Read Documentation

= Free Version Features =

* Supports ajax to view next posts of the selected category tab by ajax load more functionality.
* **Responsive design and easy to customize template.**
* Four new clean and modern designs.
* Supports unlimited widget on same or any pages.
* Allows to modify colors of text and background for widget title, post title or category tab.
* Allows to select limited categories from admin panel.

= Premium Version Features =

* Custom settings available to hide or show post title, cart button, price, post image, pagination, post short content and read more link.
* Dynamic admin settings to change maximum width and height of the post images.
* There are three type of ajax based pagination available like load more posts, next-previous links and simple numeric pagination.
* Supports custom post types.
* Supports unlimited shortcodes.
* **10+ responsive tabs templates.**
* **40+ beautiful mousehover effects for wordpress tabs plugin.**
* Search functionality – To search any post by name from each tab search box.
* Supports tags as post tab.
* New template layout and allows to load posts using tab posts list and grid view.
* Can hide/show post count.
* Hide empty category.
* Allows to short/order ascending or descending categories tabs by custom categories IDs or title.
* Allows to short/order ascending or descending posts/custom posts in tabs by post id and title.
* Hide/Show certain category.
* Settings to open a category by default selected tab.
* Supports “All” label tab to load all category’s posts.
* RTL Support.
* Hide/Show posted date with posts.
* Hide/Show comments count with posts.
* Allows to view tabs into any page content or body
* Settings to change space between posts items in pixels.
* Show/hide posts author image and name.

= Support Details =
– We do support for all the plugins and extensions, but please understand that support for premium plugins takes priority. [Click here to create support ticket](http://www.ikhodal.com/support)

= Other Recommended Amazing Wordpress Tabs Plugin =

You might like following recommended paid and free tabs plugins that supports wordress and woocommerce tab widget and shortcode creation using an amazing ajax load more functionality for the sidebar and content area.

– [Category and Product Woocommerce Tabs](https://wordpress.org/plugins/category-and-product-woocommerce-tabs/)
– [Archive Post Wordpress Tabs](https://wordpress.org/plugins/archive-post-tabs/)

= Posts/products list and grid view with Ajax pagination =
– [Ajax Load More Post](https://wordpress.org/plugins/ajax-load-more-post/)
– [Woocommerce Load More Product](https://wordpress.org/plugins/wc-load-more-product/)

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