(BoWoB Chat =)

Adds BoWoB chat to your WordPress blog, Buddypress community or network of blogs (multisite).

– **Seamless integration:** Chat user name, picture, friends, profile, … are integrated with the user system of your WordPress.

– **Custom Appearance:** In BoWoB control panel you may easily customize theme, language and many more features of your chat.

– **No server needed:** BoWoB doesn’t use your server resources nor slow down your website. BoWoB manages the security, infrastructure and updates of your chat.

– **Extraordinary performance:** WebSocket is the future of real-time communication. BoWoB technology offers a snappy, stable and pleasant chat.

User avatar and friends list integration requires [BuddyPress](http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/buddypress/) plugin.
For more information visit the BoWoB site: [www.bowob.com](http://www.bowob.com “BoWoB site”).

– **Demo:** [WordPress chat](http://www.bowob.com/wordpress_chat_plugin “WordPress chat”).

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