Are you a hyperlocal digital publisher looking to add more revenue generating capabilities to your site? Bizyhood for Publishers is an engagement and discovery platform that allows you to offer your local business customers a way to be more visible and engaged online.

The Bizyhood for Publishers suite offers you several features out of the box:

* A fully populated business directory of all the businesses in your community
* A simple way for local business owners to add/edit their own business information once they have been verified
* Local SEO features to enhance your own local visibility and those of your local business customers
* Events/Promotions support
* Presence Management – automatically syndicate businesses Name/Address/Phone (NAP) information to major directory sites such as YP.com, Acxiom, Infogroup, Yelp and others.
* Image Gallery
* Customer Feedback
* Search Engine
* Mobile Support

Bizyhood for Publishers is the perfect complement to your online advertising efforts and allows you to offer features to **all** the local businesses in your community in a simple, automated and affordable manner.

The Bizyhood for Publishers’ plugin requires 2 API keys in order to operate. Without these keys, the business directory will be empty and none of the widgets will return any results. If you don’t have API keys, contact [support@bizyhood.com](mailto:support@bizyhood.com)

= More Information =

Visit the [Bizyhood for Publishers](https://publisher.bizyhood.com/) website for documentation, support, and information on becoming more authoritative online in your community.

[Homepage](https://publisher.bizyhood.com/) | [Demo](http://pubdemo.bizyhood.com/business-directory/)

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