Better Image Credits

This plugin adds credits, link and license fields to media uploads and offer several
options to display image credits on your posts and pages. You can either:

– Use the [image-credit] shortcode. Optional attributes are `sep`, `before`, `after`
and `template` (use curly brackets instead of square brackets for placeholders).
– Use the `the_image_credits()` template tag. Optional parameters are `sep`,
`before`, `after` and `template`.
– Let the plugin automatically display the credits for you, before or after the
content or overlaid above each image.
– Use the widget to display the credits in the footer or the sidebars.

See the settings page to choose how you display the credits, including the HTML
used to build them.

This plugin is a fork of the [Image Credits plugin](
by [Adam Capriola]( It is 100%
compatible, if you are already using the Image Credit plugin just replace it
with this one and it will work about the same way, except you will have more control.

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