bbPress – Report Content

Give your bbPress forum users the ability to report inappropriate content or spam in topics or replies. This plugin adds a “report” admin link to topics and replies, when clicked, the topic/reply is assigned a post status of “User Reported”.

All logged-in users can report content and see that a topic has been reported, only Moderators and up can un-report the content. Integrates with the standard Topic admin screens.

When a topic is reported, a banner is shown at the top of the page indicating that the topic has been reported as inappropriate. For replies, a message is added within the reply, before the content.

Requires bbPress 2.4+.

= Translators =

bbPress – Report Content is fully internationalized and ready for translation:

The following translations are currently available:

* Croatian (hr) – Sanjin Barac
* Finnish (fi) – [Marko Kaartinen](
* French (fr_FR) – [Matthieu Durocher](
* German (de_DE) – [Alexander Ihrig](
* Italian (it_IT) – Barbara Lerici
* Polish (pl_PL) – Paulina
* Spanish (es_ES) – [Andrew Kurtis – WebHostingHub](

New language packs, or updates to existing ones, can be sent via GitHub or by [contacting me](

= Developers =

Active development happens on Github: []( PRs welcome!

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