Bangla Date and Time

Bangla Date and Time is simple but effective to display relevant date, times on your website. It replaces all Latin number with Bangla number on every pages. It allows you to show current Bangla, Gregorian and Hijri date to the sidebar widget. Once you activate the plugin, automatically date and time will be changed to Bangla for all posts and comments and also you’ll find dashboard numbers in Bangla.

= Why? (Features) =
* Bangla date.
* Bangla time.
* Bangla archive.
* Bangla calendar.
* Bangla month name.
* Bangla name of the days.
* Bangla number into dashboard.
* Bangla post view/hit count.
* Bangla page navigation number.
* Sidebar widget with Bongabdo and Hijri.

= How? (Usage) =
* For post hit count, use [WP-PostViews]( plugin (Recommend).
* For page navigation, use [WP-PageNavi]( plugin (Recommend).
* Please check [installation tab]( for more details.

= Who? (Developer) =
* Blog: [](
* E-mail:

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