Advanced Text Widget

Advanced Text Widget is a text widget that allows you to execute raw PHP code and specify on which pages it should be displayed. It comes with 10 default visibility conditions. You can edit and/or add your own visibility conditions as well. Conditions support arguments which could be strings and/or arrays.


* 10 Default widget visibility conditions with over 20 application possibilities.
* Add unlimited custom conditions.
* “Advanced Text” widget with raw PHP support and shortcodes execution.

**PRO Version:**

* Apply visibility conditions to ANY widget.
* Add custom CSS IDs/Classes to ANY widget.
* Import/Export your visibility conditions to re-use on other sites.

[Check out PRO Version]( “Advanced Text Widget PRO”)


* Author: Max Chirkov
* Author URI: []( “Real Estate Themes for WordPress”)
* Copyright: Released under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE

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