Advanced Dewplayer

Advanced Dewlayer is developed by [WesternDeal]( allows you to show list of MP3’s on your site or blog by fetching them from single directory on your server. You have to use shortcode into your page/post with path of your MP3 folder from which you want to fetch all MP3 files and you will see a perfect playable list of MP3’s with much more options.


* Get all MP3 files from sindle directory to display list of playable MP3s with other information and download option
* You can also include single mp3 file from local or remote server
* Plugin settings allows you to manage playing list of MP3s

**MP3 files from single directory**

You can use below shortcode for fetching all MP3’s from single directory on your site:

*[musicdirectory path=”path of directory from which you want to fetch MP3’s”]*


1. [musicdirectory path=”myaudio/”]

2. [musicdirectory path=”wp-content/myaudio/”]`

**Remember:** Don’t forget to Include trailing slash (/) at the end of path and use relative path (relative to your site’s root).

For Documentation in PDF Please [Click Here](

Advanced Dewplayer PRO VERSION is AVAILABLE now. [Download Here](

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