Acknowledge Me

A Community Building Tool By [Pods](

To output as HTML via PHP, use `echo acknowledge_me_display( $owner, $repo, $header_text = false, $total = 100 )` where `$owner` is the user name or organization name for the repo, and `$repo` is the repo name. Optionally add some header text or change the limit for the number of contributors.

Example, show 50 contributors to `` with `acknowledge_me_display( ‘pods-framework’, ‘pods’, ‘Pods Is Brought To You By:’, 50 );`

Or use shortcode `[acknowledge_me owner=”pods-framework” repo=”pods” header_text=”Pods Is Brought To You By:” total=”50″]`

This plugin copyright 2015 Pods Foundation LLC. Licensed under the terms of the GPL v2 or later. Based on the code for the [ site](, which is copyright Automattic, hugobaeta, kovshenin and GPL licensed.

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