(500px Widget)

500px Widget works only as a sidebar widget and will retrieve images (based on a criteria) hosted on the 500px.com service.

No 500px API key is required to use this plugin.

You can choose photo streams:

* Popular Photos
* Upcoming Photos
* Editors’ Choice Photos
* Fresh Today Photos
* Fresh Yesterday Photos
* Fresh This Week Photos
* User Photos
* User Friends Photos
* User Favorites Photos
* Tag Photos.

Also you can sort photo streams by:

* Time of upload (Most recent first)
* Rating (Highest rated first)
* View count (Most viewed first)
* Votes count (Most voted first)
* Favorites count (Most favorited first)
* Comments count (Most commented first)
* Original date (Most recent first)

And you can filter results by one of 28 categories: Abstract, Animals, Black and White, Celebrities, City and Architecture, Commercial, Concert, Family, Fashion, Film, Fine Art, Food, Journalism, Landscapes, Macro, Nature, Nude, People, Performing Arts, Sport, Still Life, Street, Transporation, Travel, Underwater, Urban Exploration, Wedding and Uncategorized.

Also you can customize displaying elements by using predefined placeholders, such as `{photo_title}`, `{photo_url}`, `{photo_image_url}`, `{photo_width}` and `{photo_height}`.

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