(40Nuggets Smart Auto-Newsletter Creator)

The first WP auto-newsletter creator that utilizes user-adaptive technology. It’s automatic blog-to-newsletter creation that’s smart, personalized to each subscriber and hassle free.

Create and send personalized newsletters from the content you publish on your blog. But unlike other auto-newsletter plugins, 40Nuggets matches your content to the right subscribers seamlessly for a user- adaptive newsletter with no extra effort. 40Nuggets simply grabs the content you have already worked hard to create and sends it to your subscribers in the form of a clean, personalized email. Manage everything from within your WP Dashboard.

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What’s so different about this plugin? Behind this plugin sits an advanced algorithmic brain which constantly analyzes your audience, your posts, and creates a newsletter perfectly matched to each subscriber with the best and most relevant content from your blog.

You don’t need to waste hours every week or month crafting a whole new email and scheduling delivery. Our system creates the newsletter automatically and can deliver it dynamically to your contacts at the time that’s right for them. 40Nuggets plugin tracks exactly when your newsletter is opened by each audience member and can adjust individual delivery times accordingly.

The newsletter is comprised of old and new posts from your site; you can decide which posts are included and which are left out. With minimal settings, low maintenance, and complete transparency- you can track your stats and analyze engagement, all without any extra effort beyond publishing your posts as you normally would.

40Nuggets plugin can track audience behavior on your site as well as analyze opens and clicks to make sure you have the complete picture and that subscriber behavior and preference is a key factor in deciding what is set out to them.

It’s easy, it’s smart, and it’s streamlined. Install this plugin, let it run, and watch your audience engage with your content on and off your site, completely hassle free. You’ll never look at newsletters the same way again.

Note to Users: What’s innovative about 40Nuggets is its automation and brain. By using 40Nuggets you also acknowledge the following: 40Nuggets automates email from your existing WP content. As such emails are sent at the time that the system chooses, and in a standard design template. By using 40Nuggets you acknowledge that this is the case and that from the moment you add contacts to your “Audience,” emails will begin to be sent based on your blogs content. You can turn emails off via the “General” tab, and manage what content goes out in the “Newsletter” tab. You acknowledge that this is your responsibility, and 40Nuggets has no obligations in this regard. you also acknowledge that it is up to you to make sure the content in your “Newsletter” tab is appropriate for email distribution according to the 40Nuggets [terms of use](https://40nuggets.com/dashboard/policy.php).

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