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If you care about your website, you should take steps to avoid 404 errors as it affects your SEO badly. 404 ( Page not found ) errors are common and we all hate it, even Search engines do the same! Install this plugin then sit back and relax. It will take care of 404 errors!

= What is 404 to 301? =

*Handling 404 errors in your site should be easy. With this plugin, it finally is.*

> #### 404 to 301 Log Manager – Add-on is now available!
> – Instead of instant email alerts, get **hourly, twice daily, daily, twice weekly, weekly** alerts.
> – Limit the amount of emails sent out based on error logs count.
> – **PDF file** attachment of error logs will be delivered through the email.
> – **Automatically clear** old error logs based on time period.
> – Get email alerts to multiple email recipients.
> [Get this add-on now](https://thefoxe.com/products/404-to-301-log-manager/) | [See Docs](https://thefoxe.com/docs/docs/category/404-to-301/log-manager/)

404 to 301 is a simple but amazing plugin which handles all 404 errors for you. It will redirect all 404 errors to any page that you set, using 301 (or any other) status. That means no more 404 errors! Even in Google webmaster tool you are safe!
You will not see any 404 error reports in your webmaster tool dashboard.

> #### 404 to 301 – Features
> – You can redirect errors to any existing page or custom link (globally).
> – **You can set custom redirect for each 404 path!**
> – No more 404 errors in your website. Seriously!
> – **Translation ready!**
> – You can optionally monitor/log all errors.
> – Exclude paths from errors.
> – You can optionally enable email notification on all 404 errors.
> – You can choose which redirect method to be used (301,302,307).
> – Will not irritate your visitors if they land on a non-existing page/url.
> – Super Light weight.
> – Increase your SEO by telling Google that all 404 pages are moved to some other page.
> – Completely free to use with lifetime updates.
> – Developer friendly.
> – Follows best WordPress coding standards.
> – Of course, available in [GitHub](https://github.com/joel-james/404-to-301)
> [Installation](https://wordpress.org/plugins/404-to-301/installation/) | [Docs](https://thefoxe.com/docs/docs/category/404-to-301/) | [Screenshots](https://wordpress.org/plugins/404-to-301/screenshots/)

**Bug Reports**

Bug reports for 404 to 301 are always welcome. [Report here](https://thefoxe.com/bug-report/).

**More information**

– [404 to 301 – Plugin Homepage](https://thefoxe.com/products/404-to-301), containing more details and docs.
– Follow the developer [@Twitter](https://twitter.com/Joel_James)
– Other [WordPress plugins](https://profiles.wordpress.org/joelcj91/#content-plugins) by Joel James for [The Foxe](https://thefoxe.com)

**404 Errors and Redirect – More Details**

If you are confused with these terms 404,301, redirect etc, [refer this page](https://moz.com/learn/seo/redirection/) to know more about the redirect and SEO.

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