With the matching Chrome extension, this plugin makes it the work of a couple of mouse clicks to help you curate the currently viewed chrome tab. You can optionally ask it to take a snapshot automatically.

On the Add New Post page, you then have the opportunity to write more about the webpage or edit the snapshot before publishing or scheduling it using core wordpress functionality.

The 3xSocializer Sharing Utility then simplifies the process of spreading your new blog post to your various social media accounts. You can select any of the accounts/pages you control to post to, and optionally schedule when they should post.

The plugin currently supports Twitter and Facebook, whilst LinkedIn is in the works. Google+ integration is planned for a future release whenever Google allows write access to their API.

Other features:

* If you set the post to be scheduled, the Sharing Utility will automatically schedule sharing to happen 5 minutes after the post is published.
* You can use whichever Facebook page you like.
* You can also use whichever Twitter account you like.

Developer Licence additional features:

* Mix and match social network accounts! You can make different account “sets” which allow you to enable or disable specific networks and choose which accounts to use.

NB! This plugin (and the matching Chrome extension) are provided as part of Don Crowther’s 3xSocial (3xSocial.com) course – __it requires a valid licence key in order to function.__ It communicates with 3xSocializerSoftware.com in order to activate and validate your licence key, and no identifying information is otherwise sent.

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