3D made easy! Embed 3D models in your Wordpress website thanks to [3DVieweronline](https://www.3dvieweronline.com).

= About 3DVieweronline =

[3DVieweronline](https://www.3dvieweronline.com) is a web service that allows you to view, measure, share and embed 3D models and 2D drawings directly with your browser. No installation required, it works on computers, smartphones and tablets. Files supported : STP, IGS, STL, PLY, OBJ with MTL, DXF, DWG and more coming soon…

3DVieweronline will improve your user experience with realistic visualisations of your products and designs, including the possibility to better showcase your 3D work from modelling or 3D scanning.


= 3DVieweronline WordPress Plugin =

The 3DVieweronline plugin allows you to embed 3D models from your 3DVieweronline account in any page of your website. No skills are required, the procedure is as easy as embedding a video!

1. Login/Register to [3DVieweronline](https://www.3dvieweronline.com/index.php?route=account/login), you can also use your google,facebook or twitter account.

2. Upload 3D models in your account and copy/paste the model URL you want to embed in the wordpress visual or text editor, replacing the `model_url` keyword (e.g. : `url=model_url` modified in `url=https://www.3dvieweronline.com/members/Id9bf31c7ff062936a96d3c8bd1f8f2ff3/IAn43mV5YONOkSA`)

= More Information =

For any questions or more information, please [contact](https://www.3dvieweronline.com/index.php?route=information/contact) us.

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