3D Wiggle Player

With the 3D Wiggle Player plugin you can display 3D images on your web site that can be watched without glasses. Imagine the impact on your visitors!

= Easy =

Simply add any stereo-gram from your media library, select the image and click on the button labeled “3D” in your content editor to set up the wiggling. Set all animation parameters individually for each image.

= Best Quality =

The plugin generates a transition effect between the images resulting in an unprecedented smooth result.
The image must be adjusted prior to upload. For easy adjustment, you can use our [3DWiggle desktop application](http://www.3dwiggle.com) or any other image editing software.

= Small images =

Heavy GIFs are not needed anymore. The plugin achieves a better result out of a lightweight JPEG image.

= Animation speed and effect settings =

The speed of wiggling, the effect pauses and balance can be set individually for each image.

= Automatic settings extraction =

For images created with the [3DWiggle desktop application](http://www.3dwiggle.com), the plugin automatically extracts animation speed and all effect settings from the JPEG header.

= Support =

We are a small team. Nevertheless, we are here to help you and we encourage you to submit us bugs, ideas, features requests and of course compliments!

Concerns or questions?

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