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####[Slideshow for Wordpress]( – it’s fully responsive slideshow with swipe and powerful mobile devices support. Slideshow have classic design with clean and stylish interface elements. Slideshow is highly customizable and support fullscreen mode. Slide of the slideshow could contain not only images, but also videos and HTML based description of the images.
You can insert this slideshow to any Wordpress content article. You can insert as much slideshows to the content article as you wish. Every slideshow can be configured with individual parameters. You can use plugin tags wizard for creation plugin tags.
All front end interface elements are highly customizable. For installation and configuration you don’t need any special skills everything build in Wordpress native style. For upload of the image you can use build in images manager with advanced functionality for upload, sorting and customizing of the slideshow images.

= Slideshow Demos =

[Slideshow with images thumbnails demo](

[Two images slideshows on page demo](

[Slideshows with different layout and image description styles demo](

[Three images slideshows in one post on page demo](

= How easy to create your Wordpress slideshow =


= Slideshow Features =

* **Fully responsive**
* **Mobile devices support**
* **Fullscreen mode**
* **Ability to insert slider to the article with plugin tag**
* **Fade and Slider effects**
* **Batch images upload**
* **Implemented in native Wordpress way using native classes, structures, models, controllers**
* **Auto-resizing for thumbnails and images**
* **Bullet, button, thumbnail navigation**
* **Implemented to avoid AJAX libs conflicts**
* **Autoplay function**
* **W3C XHTML validate (no errors, notices, warnings)**
* **Optional mobile touch support**
* **Compatible with IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome**
* **Lazy loading option**
* **Advanced cache options**
* **Upload images from server directory (scan directory option)**
* **Ability to insert instances of the slideshow to the Wordpress posts/pages (using shortcodes)**
* **Resizing crop function**
* **Floatable front end interface elements**
* **Custom ordering of the images**
* **Loop function**
* **W3C CSS validate (no errors, notices, warnings)**

= Slider functionlity =
Slider of the images have wide range of the images configuration options. Slider have multiple modes of animation with support of the swipe slider, auto slide slider, loop slider, crossfade slider, dissolve slider.

If you have some ideas for new fetures for 2J Slideshow fell free to contact our support team.

= Useful Slideshow Links =

[Slideshow colored multicategory demo](

[Slideshow cars demo](

If you have any support questions feel free to post ticket with your request.

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