2FAS – Two Factor Authentication

= Secure your WordPress Administration area with 2FAS plugin. =

Each time you log in to the WordPress admin area, 2FAS determines whether or not the User is required to enter a TOTP, SMS or VMS token as an additional form of authentication.

2FAS uses industry standard TOTP tokens, the same kind used by:

* Google Authenticator
* Microsoft Authenticator
* Authy
* FreeOTP
* and many others…

2FAS’s Two Factor Authentication is available to all users as soon as it’s installed. Each User has to configure his own secret key, for example by scanning a QR Code.

= Get instant protection against: =

= Brute-force attacks =

When undergoing a brute-force attack, your password can be discovered by the attacker. This is the only vulnerability you will experience with 2FAS. 2FAS’s intelligent security feature provides a finite amount of time in which the attacker access the correct token. After the access period has ended, the attacker is locked out for security reasons.

= WordPress takeovers =

Many people use the same password or a similar password for many online services. Repeatedly used passwords remain are vulnerable in cyberspace. Using the 2FAS plugin on your WordPress site makes access without a 2FAS registered device very difficult.

= Phishing and keylogger attacks =

If you’re not completely sure that the devices used by you or your subusers are completely free of keyloggers and viruses, then using 2FAS to protect your WordPress site from security breaches is a great solution!

Any password discovery attempt is useless with 2FAS. Without the token generated by your 2FAS, conventional access to your WordPress site is almost impossible.

= Support =

For more information check out our website at http://2fas.com

If you need our support please contact us at support@2fas.com

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