[1Pass](https://1pass.me) is a simple and robust plug-in for selling digital content instantly from your WordPress site.

The 1Pass plugin allows you to place “buy” buttons anywhere on your posts and pages.

You receive 70% of gross sales revenues via PayPal.

1Pass retains 30% of gross sales revenues, out of which we pay all transaction costs and applicable taxes. There are no other charges or fees for using 1Pass.

You can track your sales in real time on your 1Pass publisher dashboard.

To start taking money you need a free API key from our website: [https://1pass.me/publisher-signup](https://1pass.me/publisher-signup)

More documentation here: [https://1pass.me/1pass-for-wordpress](https://1pass.me/1pass-for-wordpress)

Email questions: support@1pass.me.

Custom support available for large and complex sites: duncan@1pass.me.

Concerns or questions?

See our support area where you can find questions asked by our clients and answered by the Tutors Loop's team.
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