In only a few simple steps you can create a **browsable flipbook or interactive online magazine** from scratch, simply by providing a PDF document. Thanks to our up to date HTML5 viewer your online document will look brilliant and sharp, whether you read it on PC, Mac, smartphone or tablets.

edelpaper.com is an electronic publishing service that allows you to quickly and easily create digital page flipping publications such as eBooks, e-catalogs, online-magazines and brochures, flip-book presentations and much more.

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Convert your PDF document to an online flip book by using our edelpaper WordPress Plugin. Embed the finished flip-book via shortcode on your WordPress pages and posts. Furthermore, you can use the edelpaper WordPress widget to present your flip books on your WordPress sidebar, for example.

Your converted PDF document can be updated, or replaced anytime to refresh your flip books on your WordPress website. In order to do that, simply upload the new PDF document to one of your existing edelpaper Permalinks.

Our edelpaper WordPress Plugin provides you with 2 free Permalinks for publishing your flipbooks.
Additional publishing Permalinks can be added on demand and be discharged with PayPal or credit card.

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