Many students who are seeking an education in the United States have no idea how to apply to a school in the United States, there are certain things to look out for and do when you start applying to a university in the United States. The first and most important task for prospective students is to make research and make choices about universities and courses of your choice, finding the best schools is not a problem as you will also find out how to look for the best and major schools before you finish reading this.

Studying in the United States

International Students


But as a student who aspires to study in the United States, you should carry out research on the school of your choice, know the various programs that are available for study and which one is your preferred choice.






After you have selected your universities and course of your choice it is time for a careful assessment, check the universities requirements against your qualifications, is your English language high enough for the chosen course? Do you have the right and valid certificate, most American colleges require your SAT results and so your result has to be good for you to be considered, however, if you do not come from an English speaking country or a country that uses English as its predominant language, you have to take a course in English language before you can get a place in the American university, therefore you need to take the IELTS tests (The International English Language Testing System). It is important to start preparing for the exams early on so that you don’t have to rush when you discover that your application deadline is drawing near. You can go with the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS tests. If you are going with a postgraduate course you can take the GRE test (The Graduate Record Examination) usually you should have completed this test a year before you intend to start your university and in most cases, it is within the month of August. Ensure that you have passed all necessary requirements so you don’t get turned down by the school.



when you have completed the task of making your documents and tests results if need be ready, then you can now proceed to fill the online application form, the fee is not all that expensive it should be within the range of 40 to 100 dollars, ensure that you meet the application deadline, in most schools in the united states their application stops between January and March. In case you mail your application ensure that has been received by the school. Your application form will include essays, transcript of academic results and the SAT results and financial statements. You have to wait for the school to get back to you. In some cases, it might take four weeks or even more, it depends on the school or course. But after that when you get a message from the school like “congratulations, you have received a special offer” then you can proceed with payment of tuition fees and submitting your IELTS, TOEFL, OR GRE results. Then you should start applying for a visa.



You can now proceed to apply for your visa, there are three types of visas, the F-visa is for those who want to study academics or learn English or any other language at the school or institution. These visas are mostly for students planning on attending elementary school, middle school, or high school. The M-visa is for those who want to get an education for a career or to get into vocational studies. M visas are usually for those who are attending technical schools, colleges or universities while the J1 visa is for those who want practical training, so you choose the category you fall into and apply. You must have already been called up by a university when you start your visa application.

Studying in the United States

International Students


You can spend the time you have left to learn about the United States, its culture, and lifestyle while you await your traveling.



When it comes to choosing the best schools there are factors you need to put in consideration, let’s talk about resources that will help you choose a prestigious school in the United States.
Private educational advising agencies: There are many countries that have the private educational agencies but it will require a fee for their service, usually this is an affordable fee, in most cases some are free however, this organization have all the necessary information that you will need, they can show the best universities and they always have a good rapport with those major universities abroad, they can help you in pursuing the school that interests you and help you with application process and visa.
The internet: The internet is also a good way to search for valuable information about the school of your choice and knowing which schools are the best for you.
With all these, put in place, you will surely get an admission into the school of your choice in the United States. You can also check these necessary links for top universities and get to know more about the schools.

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) mainly for students who are hoping to study technical subjects or courses  (Tip: check out their free online courses)
DePaul University 
Harvard University 
Northwestern University 
Stanford University 
DeVry University 

If you want more information of top universities you can always check this website https://www.topuniversities.com

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