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Offer your live sessions and get RSVP updates on your gadgets. No need to worry when you are offline, simply be in touch with your audience through notifications and auto responders.

  • Manage webinars
  • Deliver audio sessions
  • Deliver video sessions
  • Share videos during conference calls
  • Share images and data during live sessions
  • Manage audience effectively by assigning them permission to speak or wait for a turn on individual basis
  • Have ALL the participants enable their video cameras if you choose to
  • Record Live Sessions
  • Play recorded Live Sessions later
  • Search and sell your Archived Sessions
  • Set your own pricing for Live Sessions
  • Set discounted pricing for your Archived Sessions if you choose to
  • Access your audience directly with skype, Facebook or their phone numbers (Available for Premium members only)
  • Pay as you go, instead of paying every month.

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